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Despite we have not published a new post since August, that does not mean we have been resting or that we have forgotten about you, our subscriptors.

Quite the opposite. Since then, Sonia and I have been, together with my friend Manuel Lorenzo, working hard on a surprise for you in the shape of a new website (www.lawyersportslaw.com), which follows this blog and we hope you like it.

The new website is exclusively dedicated, as the blog, to sport law, and here you will find news, courses, events, expert commentaries, forms and many documentation related to it. In addition we have created new online services, so you can set in-person appointments with us in our offices, carry out consults through videoconference and online, request budgets, etc.

As this blog will not continue anymore, since we are moving to www.lawyersportslaw.com, we invite you to subscribe to our new website too.

I hope you like the result, and find it useful. I encourage you to follow us in this new project. Thank you very much for your fidelity.

See you soon.

Javier Pérez Villa


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