CAS announces temporary offices during Rio 2016

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The Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced the opening of a temporary office in Rio de Janeiro, with the objective of resolving disputes that may arise during the celebration of the Olympic Games next summer.

This special tribunal is not new, considerting that it has been operating since 1996 at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games editions, under the name of CAS ad hoc Division.

Through this tribunal, the participants in the Olympic Games will have access to justice during the celebration of the games. The International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS) has been in charge of choosing the President of the CAS ad hoc Division, as well as the arbitrators, among which is the Spanish lawyer Mr. José Juan Pintó Sala, who has been acting as TAS arbitrator since 2004.

For further information on this CAS ad hoc Division you can find it here.

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