CAS suspends the Hyperandrogenism Regulations for a two-year period

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Through a media release, CAS has announced the suspension of the Hyperandrogenism Regulations on the case between the Indian athlete Dutee Chand, the Athletics Federation of India and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on a case of high levels of testosterone on female athletes.

According to this, CAS has decided to suspend the Hyperandrogenism Regulation for a period of two years, in order to allow the IAAF to provide the Court with evidences proving the relationship between enhanced testosterone levels and improved athletic performance in hyperandrogenic athletes.

So, while this Regulation remains suspended, the Indian athlete will be able to take part in national and international competitions. And in case the IAAF provides scientific evidences within this period, the Hyperandrogenism Regulations will result invalid.

All the information is available here.

Javier Pérez Villa

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